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Posts by Deidre Scott, Founder

Scams Targeting The Elderly and How to Prevent Them In Canton, Ohio

Phone call scams especially those targeting the elderly have been widespread nowadays. The phone call scammers target the naïve individuals in the society, and the elderly is one. The common ways used by these scammers revolve around schemes attributed to contests, magazines, home improvements, equity skimming, investments, and insurance. Scamming the elderly has grown so…

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Getting Parents to Accept Help at Home

Talking to your parents about receiving help in the home can be difficult. Many aging parents feel they are losing their independence if they need assistance keeping up with daily chores or activities of daily living. These suggestions should help: Help me Help you – Tell your parent that if they would agree to a…

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Project Monarch Butterfly 2015

This year Rather Be Home started an initiative to educate people in the community about Monarch butterflies and plant as many milkweed seeds and plants as possible. Plants were started indoors in March under grow lights. Our first stop was Rose Lane Nursing home where we worked with the Activities Department and scheduled a series…

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Elderly Care Terms: Understanding Live-In Care


Elderly Care in Louisville OH Whether you have been caring for your elderly loved ones for years or are just getting started on an elderly care journey with your seniors, understanding the terminology you are likely to hear is an important part of empowering yourself to give the highest quality care possible and communicating effectively…

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