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Elder Care in Canal Fulton OH

Scams Targeting The Elderly and How to Prevent Them In Canton, Ohio

Phone call scams especially those targeting the elderly have been widespread nowadays. The phone call scammers target the naïve individuals in the society, and the elderly is one. The common ways used by these scammers revolve around schemes attributed to contests, magazines, home improvements, equity skimming, investments, and insurance. Scamming the elderly has grown so…

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Tax Deductible Home Care for Mom and Dad in Massillon, Ohio

The first question usually is, “Where can we get help caring for mom or dad?” Caregiving is a tremendous responsibility and extremely stressful so congratulations on realizing  a helping hand is something to be welcomed. Most people start with the mind rolodex skimming through friends, neighbors and distant relatives trying to decipher who is a…

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